QBRPG Utilities
Here's a list of different tools/utilities that can help in the construction of your RPG. These will range from tile editors, to map editors, to graphics libraries, etc.
If you know of a utility/tool that would aide in developing QBRPGs then please submit it.

Size: 38KB
Description: An excellent QB graphics library. Doesn´t contain as much functions as other QB libraries but what it does have kicks-ass. Very easy to use. No extra files needed. Just copy and paste the subs that you need right into your program.

Gif2Bsv Converter
Size: 91KB
Description: A simple, easy to use GIF to GSV image converter. Complete with documentation, source code and a demo program.

HAR 13h++
Size: 186KB
Description: A good graphics library made in pure QB! Almost as fast as RelGFX and PQBlib. Around 70 functions for a variety of graphical needs, and other stuff.

Direct QB v1.71
Size: 221KB
Description: Screen 13 libary with blitting, pageing, mouse, keyboard, sound, transcluency and so on. Not the fastes one around.
The newest (from after the closedown and reopen of ec [ec -> ec++]) version of DQB around.

Size: 170KB
Description: This is another nice thingy from Relsoft: A collection of pure QB routines. Transperancy, pageing, sprites + more. Vary fast, considering it´s pure qb.

PixelPlus 256
Size: 432KB
Description: Many people prefer this tileeditor. It´s the most advanced one avalible for QB atm. but I still think you get better results with Paint Shop Pro or some other professional program.

Size: 358KB
Description: This is a libary from RelSoft. It is really fast and has got both mouse, keyboard and blending routines, as well as normal blitting and drawing primitives. Misses XMS/EMS.

Size: 115KB
Description: A program that lets you link multiple libaries together. You can even select the modules you need and view the procedure names inside the module.

Acid Works Draw v2.0
Size: 106KB
Description: An EXCELLENT sprite editing tool! Supports BSAVE, GIF, and BMP formats. Lots of options like saving and loading palettes. Colourful GUI. MUST DOWNLOAD!

Assembly Tool Kit
Size: 355KB
Description: A good collection of ASM tutorials. Inlcudes A86 assembler as well. Check it out.

Apedraw v1.1
Size: 101KB
Description: Great tile editor. Saves in tilesets of 64. Imports PCX, exports BSV images. Lots of other features. Download now!

Size: 57KB
Description: This is a great little tile editor. Saves and loads in MDT tile format. (BSAVE) A couple of neat tools to use.

Tek's Tile Engine 3
Size: 7KB
Description: Tek's tile engine. This is the engine I started out with. Great for beginners. Really outdated.

Dash Library
Size: 90KB
Description: This is a great graphics library made by Virtua Soft. Lots of great graphics routines.

Pixel Scrolling Tutorial
Size: 11KB
Description: This is a good little tutorial. Shows how to scroll only 1 pixel-per-keypress. Outdated.

RPG Map Editor
Size: 19KB
Description: This is a good 2-layered Rpg map editor. Comes with some tilesets so you can try it out. Great GUI, you can load in maps and new tilesets.

RPG Developers Kit (RPGDK2)
Size: 114KB
Description: It comes complete with advanced tile editor, font maker, and Map maker utilities. very easy to use and excellent GUI.

Engine Zero
Size: 137KB
Description: A relatively good QB RPG engine which uses DirectQB. With it you can create huge maps (640x400 I think . . .) Pixel scrolling too. Check it out!