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Subject: Re: Dammit...
(Posted on 12/31/03 - 05:30:21 PM)

Turn smilies off

bug bug bug bug bug bug bug bug


slayer is good for you. yum.
mix slayer in your cerial for a complete and nutritious and wholesome breakfast
take slayer with you to work
take slayer to the bar
have slayer with your first-of-the-day-smoke

slayer contains vitamines A,A#,B,C#, D, D#, E, F, and G

insert slayer up your ass and a soothing melody will come out of your mouth

slayer also goes good with coffee, cappucino, french vanilla, cafe lote, and hungurian tea

have a back ache? rub some slayer on your back for quick and effective pain releif

don't have a girl freind? no problem! slayer will suck and **** you for free

mix with water, and slayer makes a great disenfectant, deturgant, glass cleaner, oven spray, toothpaste

you don't know how much I just wanna say...

...aahhhhn nevermind.

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