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Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Speed!!!
(Posted on 12/26/03 - 11:57:24 AM)

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Yes, true, however the qbasic routines are filled with heeps of crap that you may never need if you code carefully. Like error checking, and routines that have more than one specific purpose. By using ASM you code only what needs to be done, and chances are you will write it much more efficiently than the qbasic routine. Therefore it runs much faster. Also you can get it to do unique things that qbasic had a hard time doing. Like a transparent put routine. Also, ASM is so easy to learn. Its just really simple logic. Not very many commands at all. The hard part I found was figuring out how to use it with qb. The only reason I never used libraries was because I was curious about how graphics worked so I wrote my own routines in ASM. Best thing I ever did because it gave me more intimate knowledge of QB. However from now on I'm using libs.

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