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Subject: Wow.
(Posted on 12/25/03 - 08:29:48 AM)

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Qbasic is still alive. I wrote Dreamscape for a year 12 project 3 years agoe. It was my last game ever written. I've since learned tones of new languages but never tried to make another game with them. Its funny, I realeaced that ages agoe, and now its popping up in a few random locations. Never would have thought, oh well. I'm now moving onto 3d animatiions and stills


Whats been happenilng in the scene over the past three years, anything exciting?

Its also really funny to read reviews of my game. The whole thing was a joke. I spent a year programing the game engine(that year was pretty much most of my QB programing experience), and put the game together inside of one month just in time for my yr 12 design project.

Whats also funny is my geocities sight for the game is stull up I haven't even looked at it in the past 3 years.


Oh well, rock on QB... its certenly the most fun programing language I've ever done.

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