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Subject: Anyone remember Sneukeule's RPG Page?
(Posted on 08/09/04 - 12:46:26 PM)

Pete's website

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That was a really great site.... probably the first dedicated QB RPG site I ever visited. In fact, it really reminded me of QBRPGs, but with a bit more content. (Not just program downloads and screenshots...but other stuff too.)

(It also had a really hard name to spell. Last night, it took me about 25 tries to get it right when I was doing Google searches to find any signs of it. Heheheh.)

Sneukeule's site came right in the middle of the QB RPG craze....there were more tile engine demos on this site then you could shake a stick at. It did have a really great collection of tutorials and interviews, though.

Oh, and it was QB:TM the "Site of the Month" in February 1999

Sneukeule's RPG Page

This February, our site of the month in one immense Qbasic RPG Heaven. Modeled after The QuickBasic RPG Page, which is now run by LordQB, takes everything that page has done and does it doubly good. Updates and screenshots for nearly every qbasic game in development today, a complete collection of the greatest qbrpg's of yesterday, and a great tutorial section top it off.

Of course, this site is none other than the (relatively) new Sneukeule's RPG Page, whose name is incredibly hard to spell. Cheers to qb:tm's fifth Site of the Month.

Anyway, it used to be here:

....but it's long since shut down.

Luckily, Archive.org's Wayback Machine has several backup copies. You guys should all check it out!


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