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Subject: New Stuff
(Posted on 08/16/03 - 07:00:17 PM)

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Actually if anything, I took A LOT of old stuff out. The qbrpgs.com webspace was collecting a lot of junk and there still is a good pile of it. I went through and cleaned up some stuff and of course put up this design which is sorta different.

Some may wonder why I put up this new design anyway... well... I can't really call this site "HyperRealistic Games" anymore because the HyperRealistic Games team simply does not exist since everybody in it is sortof going their own separate ways (Plus we never really made anything together lol).

So, now this site will just be called plain old "QBRPGS.com". And it will focus only on QBRPGS and helping people make them. So you won't see any other sections or anything (such as the old projects and products sections).

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